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Cold Frame Tips

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17 September 2021, 13:44

Types of lighting fixtures for the greenhouse

Types of lighting fixtures for the greenhouse Incandescent lamps The main disadvantage of lamps with similar incandescent lamps is their low efficiency. The energy of the lamp provides not only lighting, but also heating of the incandescent lamp housing. In addition, luminaires with these lamps may have an unbalanced spectrum. For example, some incandescent light bulbs affect plant leaf deformation and stem growth. This is due to the large number of red, infrared and orange rays in the spectrum. These luminaires are more suitable for greenhouses.
01 March 2021, 13:55

Greenhouse lighting in winter

Greenhouse lighting in winter Vegetables grown in greenhouses need continuous light throughout the day. For most of the plants, the duration of light exposure should be 10 hours or more. In winter, there is a need to organize additional light sources. Additional lighting in the greenhouse space is most beneficial for the seedlings. Do not forget that additional lamps are unable to become a full-fledged substitute for natural light. Try not to block young plants with artificial light sources. Pay special attention to fluorescent lamps, because their volume can obstruct sunlight.
24 February 2020, 22:32

Winter greenhouse gardening

Winter greenhouse gardening Winter greenhouse gardening is one way in which gardeners can extend their hobby throughout the year, particularly if the climate in your area means growing plants outdoors is not possible. Adding a greenhouse extends the growing season, whether you are interested in plants, flowers or vegetables. You should choose a greenhouse to suit your particular garden. They are available in many different shapes and sizes, to suit all budgets. If space is limited you may want to consider a lean to type of greenhouse.
24 February 2020, 22:28

How Greenhouse Accessories Benefit Plants

How Greenhouse Accessories Benefit Plants Enhancing your greenhouse is a bit different than decorating or redesigning your home. It is a very specific type of enhancement, much unlike anything you’ve probably done before. You must purchase accessories that will actually benefit your greenhouse, and not just improve its look. First, let’s consider the way a greenhouse is designed. It is typically made of glass, or plastic. This is because it allows the heat to come in from the sun and warm the plants, soil and other things within the greenhouse.
24 February 2020, 22:16

Heating Your Greenhouse

Heating Your Greenhouse A few vegetation can best be planted for the duration of positive seasons. That is because of hot or cold climates. However, if you properly heat your greenhouse, it is now viable to grow almost some thing your spherical with the use of greenhouse warmers. The power of those heaters isn’t plenty — 1.8 to 4.Eight watts in keeping with heater. Depending upon which plants you intend and grow, unique heaters set at exclusive temperatures can be wished.
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