Greenhouse lighting in winter

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01 March 2021, 13:55

Greenhouse lighting in winter

Greenhouse lighting in winter

Vegetables grown in greenhouses need continuous light throughout the day. For most of the plants, the duration of light exposure should be 10 hours or more. In winter, there is a need to organize additional light sources. Additional lighting in the greenhouse space is most beneficial for the seedlings.

Do not forget that additional lamps are unable to become a full-fledged substitute for natural light. Try not to block young plants with artificial light sources. Pay special attention to fluorescent lamps, because their volume can obstruct sunlight. In addition, it is necessary to keep the greenhouse cover material clean - film, glass, or polycarbonate.

The need for lighting

In order for the process of photosynthesis of vegetable crops to take place more actively, you need to install additional lamps inside the greenhouses. If you did everything right, the yield of vegetables on your site will increase significantly.

Photosynthesis occurs due to the absorption of light by plant leaves. This process allows plants to oxygenate the space.

Correct lighting duration

Each plant is individual according to its external characteristics and conditions necessary for their better growth. The lighting of the greenhouse with additional sources and the duration of exposure to light depend on the type of crops, the season and the age of the plant. The peculiarity of the growth of various crops is as follows: the plants on which fruits and flowers appear are more dependent on light than those whose leaves people use for food. Plants have a special time before flowering, during which the duration of illumination especially affects yield.

What is the reason for the special needs of plants?

The lack of lighting in the greenhouse for any type of crops is unacceptable; in order to comply with the mandatory conditions, greenhouse owners use additional lamps. The main difficulty in organizing artificial sources is their correct choice. Modern companies have a wide range of lamps, each with certain advantages and disadvantages. The characteristics of the luminaires differ in the spectrum of colors, the price of the models and the amount of energy consumed by the device.

Until recently, many relied on the blue spectrum for vegetative growth, and the red portion was considered the most effective during maturation in the greenhouse. However, practice has shown that fruits grown in a greenhouse using this lighting method are tasteless.

Currently, there are no luminaires that match the spectrum of the sun's ray. Therefore, it is better to combine different types of lamps in greenhouses in winter.

The main characteristics of lamps

Using the following principles will help you make a decent choice of lamps for ease of use in winter:

  • Company manufacturer. Large companies and popular brands mainly create quality greenhouse lighting. Such organizations comply with a certain level to the maximum. Some firms provide lamp service;
  • The amount of energy emitted by the luminaire. This characteristic determines the required number of lamps for a certain area of the greenhouse in winter;
  • Device power. This parameter means how much electrical energy the lamp consumes during one hour of continuous operation in the greenhouse;
  • Color spectrum. When organizing lighting in a greenhouse in winter, this parameter is of great importance. In addition, the characteristic is important for lamps for greenhouses and aquariums. Manufacturers rarely indicate the spectral density of an artificial beam on lamps.

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