Types of lighting fixtures for the greenhouse

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17 September 2021, 13:44

Types of lighting fixtures for the greenhouse

Types of lighting fixtures for the greenhouse

Incandescent lamps

The main disadvantage of lamps with similar incandescent lamps is their low efficiency. The energy of the lamp provides not only lighting, but also heating of the incandescent lamp housing. In addition, luminaires with these lamps may have an unbalanced spectrum. For example, some incandescent light bulbs affect plant leaf deformation and stem growth. This is due to the large number of red, infrared and orange rays in the spectrum. These luminaires are more suitable for greenhouses.

Sodium lamps

If the manufacturer designed this lamp specifically for lighting the greenhouse in winter, then the color spectrum of the lamp matches the sun's rays as much as possible. However, there is still little blue spectrum in it. Sodium lamps work in a mirror-type luminaire with reflectors. The disadvantages of devices include difficulties in connection. Sodium lamps require that the electrical circuit have a mechanism that regulates the start, as well as IZU elements. Not all gardeners can independently take into account such nuances.

Energy saving fluorescent lamps

For greenhouses, these lamps are of two types: white and warm white. The advantages of lighting that these lamps have:
  • Minimum heating of the luminaire body;
  • Fluorescent lamps in a greenhouse are economical during operation;
  • These light sources are available in any specialty store.

The disadvantages include the bulky size of the devices used, which block the rays of the sun in winter. However, modern lamp models have become much more compact. It is worth paying attention to such options for lighting the greenhouse space in winter. In addition, the luminaires have a low light output.

Fluorescent lamps are easy enough to install in the greenhouse, organizing lighting in winter. Installation is possible both vertically and horizontally. The main disadvantage of the lamps is the low light output of the source, the brightness of the lighting depends on the voltage in the network. If the voltage is weak, then the fluorescent lamp may not work.

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