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Cold Frame Tips

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02 September 2022, 16:41

Do-it-yourself wood frame for a greenhouse

Do-it-yourself wood frame for a greenhouse The fastest way is to build a greenhouse frame with your own hands from wood. It is possible that a wooden greenhouse will be somewhat higher in cost than one made of a metal profile (aluminum or steel), but the environmental friendliness wood  is many times superior to any other building material. The service life of a wooden frame can be up to 20 years if the base for it is made according to all the rules, and the wood itself is periodically treated with antiseptics to protect it from decay and various insects.
27 August 2022, 16:24

Foundations for a greenhouse: what they are and how to build

Foundations for a greenhouse: what they are and how to build If you are going to acquire a greenhouse on the site, you need to prepare for the fact that you will have to do construction work, such as, for example, building a foundation for a greenhouse. Of course, everyone wants to invest a minimum of effort and money and get the maximum in the form of early vegetables or late autumn ones, when there are frosts and there is nothing in the garden. But this rarely happens.
26 August 2022, 16:16

Greenhouse frame: how to do it yourself

Greenhouse frame: how to do it yourself Each owner of a land plot, going to build a greenhouse with their own hands, thinks about what material  it will be built from, since it is the framework of the greenhouse that is the basis of everything buildings, we will focus on the types of frames. Perhaps someone will object that the foundation is first of all the foundation, and he will be right. But if you decide to make a collapsible greenhouse, then the foundation will not be needed in this case.
24 March 2020, 22:03

Greenhouse Building Plans Explained

Greenhouse Building Plans Explained The goal of this article will be to focus on those types of greenhouse building plans that primarily deal with what are known as detached greenhouses. I think that, generally speaking, they are the best option for the amateur greenhouse gardener to build themselves. The justification for this logic has to do with the fact that major construction operations won’t need to take place as is the case when trying to attach a lean-to style greenhouse to the house.
24 February 2020, 22:25

A Guide to Greenhouse Kits

A Guide to Greenhouse Kits Plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more are now grown inside greenhouses. They use solar energy to heat the plants, trapping the heat inside and making it very conducive for vegetation cultivation. Typically, these structures are made of glass or plastic materials, to capture the warm air inside the greenhouse. Cultivating plants in greenhouses have special requirements, compared to planting outdoors. First, it is important to regulate pets and diseases from the plants. The temperature should also be monitored, to achieve the ultimate growing environment.
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