Planting in a polycarbonate greenhouse

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03 March 2021, 14:11

Planting in a polycarbonate greenhouse

Planting in a polycarbonate greenhouse

Every gardener dreams of receiving fresh vegetables and fruits all year round. Greenhouse growing of plants allows not only to provide your family with useful trace elements, but also can become a source of a fairly profitable business. If you decide to start growing greenhouse plants, you need to know some planting rules.

Greenhouse arrangement

Today, polycarbonate greenhouses are the most popular. It is almost impossible to find a structure covered with plastic wrap or glass. Cellular polycarbonate is a material of artificial origin. Its structure consists of environmentally friendly components. It has many benefits.

Firstly, the material is very durable; it can withstand the most massive snow loads and sharp gusts of wind. Secondly, matte polycarbonate is able to transmit the maximum amount of solar heat and light. In the summer season, it is possible to maintain optimal climatic conditions inside the structure even without arranging artificial heating and lighting. Thirdly, this material has a long service life. Even if you use the greenhouse all year round, it will last at least 30 years. During this period, cellular polycarbonate will not lose its attractiveness.

To install a greenhouse, you must choose the most illuminated place in your summer cottage. It is advisable that there are no large trees nearby, since their root system can damage the structure. If you are going to grow plants year-round, you need to build a quality foundation. It will prevent soil subsidence and deformation of the structure.

Soil preparation

Correct planting of crops in a polycarbonate greenhouse is possible only if there is good quality soil. Forest soil is well suited. It contains the maximum amount of useful trace elements that plants need. Before placing such soil in the greenhouse, treat it with a disinfectant solution.

It will destroy pathogenic microorganisms that can cause various diseases. Also, dig up the soil thoroughly. This will ensure optimal oxygen delivery to the deep soil layers. If you have already decided which crops you will plant in your greenhouse, you can apply certain fertilizers. For example, before planting tomato seedlings, it is necessary to fertilize the soil with a urea solution.


When choosing seeds be sure to pay attention to the timing of their ripening. There are certain plant varieties that are suitable for greenhouse cultivation. They have a minimum ripening period, so they allow you to harvest several crops per season. The correct planting of plants in a polycarbonate greenhouse is to determine the possible proximity of crops.

For example, tomatoes feel great next to peppers. Experts do not recommend growing cucumbers next to tomatoes. Also, do not grow sweet and bitter peppers nearby, since the second is able to pollinate the fruits of the first, causing the formation of an unpleasant aftertaste. Regardless of what you plan to grow, you need to build a quality irrigation system.

Drip irrigation has proven itself well, since it provides water directly to the root system of plants. Such a system can be easily equipped with your own hands. It is enough to purchase the necessary components and connect them in series.

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