What to grow in a greenhouse: tips for beginners

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02 March 2021, 14:09

What to grow in a greenhouse: tips for beginners

What to grow in a greenhouse: tips for beginners

Relevant and useful information for novice gardeners

Thanks to modern agricultural technology, you do not need to work all day to get a rich harvest. The main thing is to choose the right method for growing a particular crop, as well as the right methods of pest control.

The question "What cannot be grown in a greenhouse?" long out of date. Because it's hard to imagine a crop that we couldn't grow in a greenhouse. A more important task facing every gardener is the compatibility of certain plants growing nearby, because not everyone has the opportunity to build separate greenhouses.

In addition, it is necessary to establish a competent crop rotation. It will allow you to grow as many crops as possible and, therefore, get more crops. In this case, we are not talking about greenhouses, which their owners artificially heat all year round, but about structures that gardeners clear of snow with the first warm rays of the sun. With the onset of heat, the soil dries up and warms up faster, at this time you can plant seedlings of flowers and vegetables, which will soon migrate to open ground.

Experts advise to carry out the procedure not in greenhouse beds, but in separate boxes that are easy to carry from place to place. In parallel, you need to dig up the soil of the beds and plant early greens: parsley, onions, dill, etc. After planting, you need to sprinkle the beds with fine sand (or humus). Then cover the landing site with foil. As for seedlings, you can grow a variety of seeds here, such as pumpkin, squash or cucumber. As your heart desires.

As soon as the threat of cold weather has passed, some of the crops will safely go into open ground, and some will remain to ripen in the greenhouse (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants). Remember that cucumbers prefer moisture and warmth, while tomatoes prefer regular airing. To create the necessary conditions, use a film from which you can make partitions.

In the second half of summer, you can plant another portion of greens and late varieties of radishes. Thus, from early spring to late autumn, the hostess will always have fresh vegetables and herbs on the table.

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