A Guide to Greenhouse Kits

24 February 2020, 22:25

A Guide to Greenhouse Kits

A Guide to Greenhouse Kits

Plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more are now grown inside greenhouses. They use solar energy to heat the plants, trapping the heat inside and making it very conducive for vegetation cultivation. Typically, these structures are made of glass or plastic materials, to capture the warm air inside the greenhouse.

Cultivating plants in greenhouses have special requirements, compared to planting outdoors. First, it is important to regulate pets and diseases from the plants. The temperature should also be monitored, to achieve the ultimate growing environment.

The right greenhouse supplies are needed for the best cultivation. It starts with purchasing the right greenhouse kit to build your own greenhouse. We’ll discuss some of these kits now.

1. Sunshine kits. These greenhouse kits are framed by redwood. They come with poly carbonate insulation to cover the plants. They also provide adequate space, usually with frames 10 feet tall. They are easy to install, and depending upon the model, the price runs from $1000-$4000.

2. Cross country kits. These come with many modified options, and are framed with aluminum for strong support. Choices in these designs come with screen doors and/or an automatic ventilation system. They can cost between $2500-$30,000.

3. Little greenhouse kits. This is a good economical choice. These structures come with ultraviolet ray protection. Also included is a bench setup and exhaust fan. They are PVC framed, and are perfect for beginners.

4. Juliana kits. Made from rust free frames of aluminum and polycarbonate, these twinwall coverings are both enduring and affordable. They can come as cheaply as $65 per kit.

5. Portable kits. Another inexpensive kit that’s easy to assemble or disassemble. Good for the seasonal gardener, who can put them up or take them down when needed. Made of steel structure, they come with a plastic covering film.

A Guide to Greenhouse Kits

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